Who I am

I'm Veerle, a Front End Developer based in the Netherlands. I graduated in Criminal and Civil law, but decided that I'm actually at my best making stuff.

I have an eye for detail and love to be creative.

What I love

When not online, you'll probably find me being creative in another way. I love photography, crafting and sipping red wine — although there's nothing I enjoy more than being outside with my family and giggling with my baby.

You are NOT really agile even if you have all the scrum meetings, but cannot deliver.


What I know

I know my way around HMTL5, CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery and have a fair amount of skills with the Adobe Creative Suite.

I'm also a certified SCRUM master and love to work agile.

What I do

As a Front End Developer I like to work hard to make things simple. I like to think with the client about the right solution. I constantly keep challenging myself and the client to get the best result.

As a Scrum Master I like to figure out what works for the team. What do they need to work and collaborate in the most optimal way, so they can give accurate estimates of their work and deliver on time.

You ARE really agile if you don't have any scrum meeetings at all, but deliver small user stories every couple of days.